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Before I jump into this blog, have you downloaded our app for android? Bazm is available to download from Google PlayStore (Sorry Apple, we’re still working on the iOS one) so you can download it from here:

So now, there are plenty of apps out there, but why do you need Bazm? This may be the first question you may be thinking, so let me answer this from my personal perspective.

Not too long ago, I moved to Europe from Asia. Skip the cultural shock, there were other things which I was missing; specially, the religious stuff. I moved during the month of Muharram and I desperately needed to attend Majalis but there was very less information about it, even after following multiple pages, channels and accounts. Even when they kept posting about events, I didn’t know when or where were they happening exactly (Imagine this when the names of the places are not pronounced exactly as they’re written).

I felt dire need of a platform where it would only show me religious stuff like news, events, and content based on my location (preference). I already had a media streaming app in religious domain, called Giriyazaari. So, I converted Giriyazaari into Bazm!

Giriyazaari was a limited media streaming app. Bazm is a more diverse community app with tools and media features!

The name Bazm was derived from the fact that app was going to be a host of network of Shia momineen where they could meet, greet and share religious stuff while also being host to a number of services and tools that maybe useful on daily basis.

What does Bazm offer?

Bazm has a lot to offer when it comes to Shia momineen. From content from verified account to a huge library of religious media in form of books, nauhe, majalis, etc. Following discusses some of them in detail:


Because Bazm was originally a media streaming app to listen to and watch nauhe, majalis, dua, munajat, etc., we’ve retained that as a tab on app. We keep adding more duas, nauhe, munajat, etc. every year, collecting them from different websites, articles, editing, creating our own articles for missing pieces, etc.

You can listen to and watch audio/video nauhe, majalis, dua, munajat, amaal, and so much more here. You can find all the items available under media tab on bazm app.


  • Daily Salat Alarms: Set daily Azaan /Adhan alarms for Salat times of your location and get reminded for prayers 03 times a day!
  • Ramadan Sehri Alarm: Ramadan is upon us (at the time of writing this blog) and we all know, how hard it is for some of us to wake up for Seher. With our Ramadan Sehri Alarms, you can set alarms to wake you up 01 hour, 45 mins or 30 mins before the Imsak (end of seher). With the Imsak time shifting daily, the alarm makes sure you always have enough time for your meal!
  • Tasbeeh Counter with Audio option: We all agree that it’s toughest for the women of our house to keep up with their prayers since they’ve so much household chores to take care of (at least, in Indo-pak region). During Ramadan, when we should be spending so much time in praying, they still have to look after their family. This audio based tasbeeh counter aims to help people who are busy in work, still be able to recite tasbeeh in their heads while the counter plays along on a speaker or headphone. So, if you’re cooking, coding, driving or doing anything which doesn’t involve too much thinking and when you could still recite a tasbeeh, this counter will help you keep track of the count. Just remember to set enough delay between counts!
  • QnA: Question answers is something which has always been a guide for us to learn. We come across so many questions about religion and rituals that we don’t have answer to and we need authentic answers. For some of us living in gulf regions, it’s harder because of government regulations. So, we’ve pulled question-answers from and added it to our app so that you can always look up for answers or ask you own questions.

Search & Bookmark

Bazm offers search across almost all categories of content on app, be it shia momineen near you, or any kind of media available on app. You can search for nauhe, majalis, dua, questions, books, momineen around you on app and so much more.

The most helpful search feature is probably books as you can search from our huge database of about 1000 books which keeps increasing daily and spans books in different languages from around the world and time, written by known scholars of Islam.

If you find a book useful, you can bookmark it to visit it later. But to bookmark items, you need to have an account on the app.

We’re planning to improve our search algorithms to enable momineen to search by the content of the book. So lets say, you remember having read something in a book and you need to find it again, you can just search for that phrase and get to the book in a minute!

This will, however, be possible only with books for which the pages are not scanned as images. For such books, we’ll have to work much further, but inshallah, will be made available.

Search for books by title, author or language! Coming soon: Search books by content of book


Below snapshots show a few of the additional stuff that you can do on app. Some of these require that you’ve an account on the app. If you’ve an account, you can login to access these features or create your free account first!

I can keep going on about what Bazm has in store to offer you because I’ve spent years of my life developing and perfecting it, trying to meet the needs of every shia muslims, but I want you to experience it on your own. Definitely, the app is far from being perfect or best in the category as it does not go through all the steps as a professional project would, but we try to test as much as we could before uploading new versions, checking for as many edge cases as we could, but there could still be bugs, issues and glitches because the world is huge and we’re just petty human beings.

To meet the needs of every shia muslim around the world, we’ve also included machine based translation of the content so that you can always walk around the app in your native language. But obviously, the translation may, again, be not fully correct. So, we want to apologise for any such inconvenience. We’re working hard to make the app close to perfect and useful for every shia muslim. We’re big plans for the app and you’ll be seeing small updates regularly, inshallah. We request you to keep your app updated so that you not only get all the new features but also, do not have a broken experience on the app.

If you’d like to collaborate on the development, promotion, content or just get in touch with us, you can reach us using the contact details in the footer of this page, or using the contact us page. Be sure to mention the details so that it’s easier for us to get back to you.

If you’ve any questions, concerns, query or anything that you’d like to ask us, please feel free to drop us a message.

Until next time,


Sayed Ahad Abbas ❤️

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