Islamic books now available on Bazm app for free!

Yes, you heard it right, we now have Islamic books as well on Bazm!

We’ve been working for quite sometime now to bring Islamic books on Bazm. This wasn’t particularly easy because we had to collect these books from different sources (websites, our personal archives, asking people for help). With contribution from different websites and people, we now have over 800 books on Bazm which span different religious topic and are authored by different scholars across the world and time!

With over 840 books at the moment on app, which are mostly in english, we’re adding more books daily. These books are available for free to read, and if you’ve an account with us, you can bookmark them for quicker access later.

Books are also available for search under a new tab on the search page and you can search books by title, authors or even language. We’re also working on the feature to make books searchable by content. So, for example, if you remember having read something in a book and you need to find that book, you’ll be able to do so by simply searching for that text. The feature will be soon available on the app. Right now, you can filter the books list by authors or languages.

Users on app and browser may have different experience reading the books due to limited capability of browsers (and that’s why you should download our app!). However, we’re trying our best to make sure that you can access any book at all the times.

Are you looking for a book that you couldn’t find anywhere else? Let us know. We’ll try to find it through our network and have it added on the app. Or, do you have a book that you want us to add on app? Send us the book either through email, or share the link to the book with us in contact us form. We’ll be grateful to you for your queries and contributions.

Like always, feel free to drop us a message if you’ve any queries, concerns or questions. And if you enjoy our app, please recommend it to your friends and family and leave a review for the app on Google Playstore!

Until next time,


Sayed Ahad Abbas ❤️

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