About us

Who we are

We're individuals who have a working job to support our lives, and in our spare time, we work on this product with dream to bring to scale one day, such that Bazm will become a platform where every Shia momin could find all kinds of help and support that he/she may be looking for.

Money is the last thing on our mind with this project, despite having spent so much already on tech and resources. Our biggest investment is our time that we dedicate from our daily lives (at least 03 hours a day, 07 days a week) working on this project. That's not a complain; we just hope that it's worth bringing uplift to some shias around the world.

Our greatest reward will be appreciation from our Imam (a.s.) on the day of Akhirah.

Our Mission

A lot of problems in our sect arise due to our lack of knowledge and ignorance. We're in that state because we do not have access to resources and knowledge that can uplift our thoughts and ideas. Our mission is to create a connected network of Shia muslims, scholars and knowledge bank where every Shia could find anything they want to learn about our faith.

Our Vision

What started as a media streaming app is now a Social Network app with growing users everyday. We envision developing it into a hub where Shia momineen could not only find content but also services and access to all kind of help just with a tap. We also plan onto grow this app into a platform which would be useful for our scholars to server as a channel of revenue (like Youtube)

Our Values

We value what our Imams and Ahlbayt have taught us. We support freedom of speech, but we do not tolerate extremism or hate speech. To curse someone is your personal faith and Allah SWT shall be the judge or right/wrong deeds for everyone on the day of Aakhirah, but until then, we need to learn to respect everyone's thoughts in an educated society.

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Our Team

We're a few dedicated people in bringing our community at par with the world

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